Peter W. Stott Center Physical Access Notes
930 SW Hall Street, Portland, Oregon 97201

The comments on this building are taken in part from the 1991 Access Guide published by the Students with Disabilities Union. We thank them for allowing us to copy their material for this guide. It should be noted that many remodels and improvements have occurred in PSU building in the years since the 1991 Guide. So many of these comments may be some what antiquated. Please bear with us as we update and refine this access tool for our campus. Please send us an e-mail on anything you note that requires correction.
Building Access and Approach:
Lower Level: One entrance is on the northeast corner of Park and Hall. Here there is a ramp that allows user access to the locker rooms, the Small Gymnasium, swimming pool, and racquetball and basketball courts. The southeast door has stairs, and there is no easy way to access the upper levels from the ground level.

Upper Level: Can be accessed on the west side of the building, after negotiating a very steep sidewalk ramp, either through the EXIT doors of the main gym or EXIT doors of the swimming pool balcony (which was blocked by mats at the time of this printing). However, these doors need to be opened from within the building and cannot be opened from outside (on a normal basis). Currently, the SDU is negotiating with HPE to have the side doors open for "normal" entry of wheelchairs during sporting events at the main gym. This will prevent persons with disabilities from having to make special arrangements that non-disabled persons don't normally have to put up with. For now though, should one need to gain entry (or need assistance with opening doors), one must stand out front and ask for assistance, or one may call Campus Security at 725-4404, or the Health and Physical Education Building at 725-4401. The floor has access to the Pool Observation Lounge, Racquetball Observation, observation of the Small Gym, the offices and the Main Gymnasium. A ramp at the main entry is due to be constructed in March 1998, and this should greatly ease building access.

Roof Level: Equipped with a wonderful track and tennis court, I've heard, but I couldn't get my wheelchair to climb the stairs. In other words, there is no wheelchair access to the roof level.

Classrooms and Meeting Rooms:  


Doors and Hardware:
A powered operator at the north entry has been installed.  New handrails on most stairs were installed in 1997.

Drinking  Fountains:

There are no elevators in this building.


There are wheelchair-friendly restrooms in the locker rooms for both men and women.Women's 222 and Men's 221 (on the upper level floor) are equipped with push-in and pushout doors and are fully accessible (except the hand blowers are a bit high). Also, Men's 118 is usable.

Special Services:
The lower level has a small gym and a swimming pool with a hydraulic lift. In addition, there are squash and racquetball courts and two weight rooms. There is a roll-in shower for wheelchair use in the locker rooms. The pool area is accessible after going through several doors. Note: There is a sidewalk that goes around the whole building. The south side sidewalk is blocked (from a wheeler's point-of-view) by stairs. 

Stairs and Handrails: 

There are two wheelchair accessible phones in the Pool Observation Lounge on the upper level floor [Two public phones, and one campus phone].


The Disability Resource Center for Students
The Disability Resource Center for Students (DRC) is a university resource to promote barrier free environments (physical, program, information, attitude), which means ensuring the rights of students with disabilities and assisting the university to meet its obligations under federal and state statutes. DRC works to ensure access to university courses, programs, facilities, services, and activities by documenting disabilities and providing or arranging reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and services, training, consultation and technical assistance. This accessibility guide is a cooperative effort by the Disability Resource Center for Students.  Send any e-mail comments to the Disability Resource Center for Students (DRC) at:
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